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Enhance your IT security by creating an overview of the company’s digital devices

Visualize data to fortify security

IT security has never been more relevant – however, many companies don’t have a full overview of their IT infrastructure. We have yet to meet a customer who has a complete overview of the number of devices in the company. And if you can’t see it, you can’t protect it.

Insight Analytics is a visualization and reporting platform that provides an overview of the company's digital devices. The platform displays the state of IT security threats and vulnerabilities, addressing the IT security threats that you didn’t know you had.

Insight Analytics gives you the knowledge essential for your company to defend itself against security threats and ensure compliance.

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This is how Insight Analytics benefits your business

The customizable dashboard gives you a window into the state of your IT infrastructure. It enables you to make informed, intelligent decisions on how to prioritize the IT security measures effectively.
The platform quantifies the level of security as well as the level of exposure. That knowledge enables you to take action. Now.
Insight Analytics helps you tackle challenges in finding time and resources to cope with IT security issues. Issues that you probably didn’t even realize you had.

Get the right picture

Time – and timing – is key when it comes to IT security. It is crucial that you perceive the accurate picture, and that you see it in real-time. According to Microsoft, the typical person responsible for IT security in an organization has to check eight different systems to get the full overview. Insight Analytics collects and displays data from various sources to give you the information you need to act.


With twoday Insight Analytics I transformed my business insights from Zero to Hero in less than 30 minutes.

Michael Welten, Technology Coordinator, Bunge Inc. 

Free up space for productivity

IT security is not your company’s core product. Leave the data collection and processing to Insight Analytics and receive a clear and actionable report that you can present to your management. And spend your time increasing productivity.

Use your resources wisely

There is a shortage of IT experts in all industries worldwide. Allocate precious resources to activities that create value for the business and automate processes that can be automated.

Security and compliance in 3 steps


Let’s meet

We talk about your primary concerns, challenges, and objectives. You get to peek under the hood of the platform.


Let’s implement

We set up Insight Analytics in your system. Meetings – free of charge – guarantee that you get onboarded into the platform.


Let’s talk business

We dive into the findings and if you find it useful, we can talk about whether Insight Analytics is suitable for you.

Do you want to see for yourself?