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Get the most out of your investment in cyber security

While you undoubtedly dedicate significant time and resources to cyber security, are you guarding against real threats, or do blind spots leave your business exposed? Insight Analytics gives you the information you need to be able to act.


Identify the gaps in the shield

99 % of all attacks could be prevented if companies have basic security hygiene in place

Start by identifying exactly what you need to protect. 10/10 companies with whom we speak are not sure how many endpoints they need to protect. Ensure you don’t have any blind spots.

Once you know what to protect start taking active measures:

  • Approximately 90 % of all cyberattacks target unmanaged devices. And only a very small fraction of all companies knows how many devices they have – and how many of them are actually centrally managed.
  • 99,2 % of all attacks could be prevented using Multifactor Authentication
  • Use the tools you have invested in. It is not uncommon that we see that 20-40 % of devices are not protected by the expensive software solutions companies have invested in rendering the same investment inefficient.

Get an overview that enables you to act

Insight Analytics provides an overview of all your devices. It distinguishes between managed and unmanaged devices, identifying those protected by XDR (Extended Detect and Respond) and anti-malware software systems, specifying users protected by MFA, and highlightning vulnerable and out-of-date applications.

Unmanaged devices typically lack security controls, software updates, and patches, leaving these responsibilities to individual users. As a result, crucial security measures often go unaddressed.

We had all the data, but we didn't have the overview we wanted. With Insight Analytics, we quickly gained the overview, and shortly after, we could work on a wide range of hygiene factors that we got under control.

Yngve Solhaug, IT Client System Specialist, Naviair

Gain comprehensive insights with a single tool

Basic hygiene

You depend on knowing how many devices are spread across the organization to safeguard yourself. Insight Analytics ensures the basic hygiene that is a prerequisite for your protection.

Single source of truth

IT security tends to become scattered across many systems, leading to a loss of overview. With Insight Analytics, you get a single source of truth, ensuring that your security efforts cover all of the company’s devices.

Visual summary

Perception is key – and that’s why Insight Analytics offers you a quick visual summary of the two vital metrics: Security Score and Exposure Score.


Insight Analytics provides you with the reporting you need when communicating information about the security status throughout the organization – even to individuals who may not be interested in or knowledgeable about IT.

Security and compliance in 3 steps


Let’s meet

We talk about your primary concerns, challenges, and objectives. You get to peek under the hood of the platform.


Let’s implement

We set up Insight Analytics in your system. Meetings – free of charge – guarantee that you get onboarded into the platform.


Let’s talk business

We dive into the findings and if you find it useful, we can talk about whether Insight Analytics is suitable for you.

Want to see how it works?

Tailormade KPI’s – chosen by you

Dashboards are often the easiest way to create an overview of numbers and data – assuming it is set up intuitively and measures the right parameters.

Insight Analytics is built around Key Performance Indicators carefully chosen by you in collaboration with our expert, Kent Agerlund – Regional Director at Microsoft.


Increased productivity – powered by data

Your productivity always takes precedence – IT security is merely a means to achieve that goal. Therefore, you shouldn’t prioritize IT security for its own sake; Insight Analytics is simply a tool to reach the ultimate objective. As a result, the platform is easy and intuitive to use. It is designed to ensure that you can focus on the tasks adding value to the company.

MFA across all devices

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) reduces the risk of attacks by 99,2 %. Insight Analytics provides insight into the use of MFA across all devices in an easily digestible manner, providing you with a quick overview.

Sometimes even the best tools will not get you across the finishing line

Security is complex and expensive. And it requires continues monitoring. With Insight Analytics you get more than a tool. We can help you digest the data you see and help you all the way from insight to implementation.