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Full insight – no surprises

With Insight Analytics, you pay an upfront fee and a fixed price per device – this way, you know your cost structure, and there are no unpleasant surprises.

However, the equation also includes what you save on the other end. How much money is currently being spent on manual processes where skilled (and assumably well-paid) employees invest countless hours creating overviews and reporting in ad-hoc formats?

And how much does the organization allocate to security measures where the effectiveness is uncertain?

Attractive pricing – tailored to your needs

Basic package

3 USD pr. device/year
10,000 USD start-up fee


Premium package

12 USD pr. device/year
10,000 USD start-up fee


Do you have Patch My PC or Microsoft 365?

If you have, or purchase, a Patch My PC or Microsoft 365 license through us, you will receive a $1,000 discount on the start-up fee in the Small Package, while it is completely waived in the Large Package.

With twoday Insight Analytics I transformed my business insight from Zero to Hero in less than 30 minutes.

Michael Welten, Technology Coordinator, Bunge Inc. 

What do you get for your money?

First and foremost, you get an overview. An overview, that enables you to proactively guard your business against cyber threats.

Insight Analytics ensures the needed basic hygiene that is necessary for you to make the right decisions.

And you gain knowledge about the actual number of devices in your organization – a figure we are quite confident you are not familiar with today.

Additionally, you get a reporting tool that enables communication of security information across the organization.


Security and compliance in 3 steps


Let’s meet

We talk about your primary concerns, challenges, and objectives. You get to peek under the hood of the platform.


Let’s implement

We set up Insight Analytics in your system. Meetings – free of charge – guarantee that you get onboarded into the platform.


Let’s talk business

We dive into the findings and if you find it useful, we can talk about whether Insight Analytics is suitable for you.

Reach out and let us add value to your company